About Me

First, what I’m not:

I am not a pastor or a preacher or a church leader. Though I hope my words are beneficial to you as you journey with Christ, please do not look to me (or to any public Christian figure,) to provide you with the regular, Word-rich, soul-nourishing teaching you need. God has assigned that holy and joyful task to your pastor(s). The Lord desires that his people be taught and nourished not primarily by authors and bloggers on the internet but by teachers and shepherds in the local church.

If you do not belong to a local church, I urge you to find a gospel-treasuring church where you can be fed the Word regularly and can grow into the Christ-adoring, Church-loving, Kingdom-serving person God calls you to be. If you don’t know where to begin in your search, here are a couple of helpful resources:

9 Marks Church Search
TGC Church Directory

Okay, now to the “about me”

I love the Lord, and I love to write about the Lord. Home is currently the Twin Cities, where I reside with my beautiful, godly, sharp, and humble bride, Mrs. Talitha Piper Moore. We have two dogs, but I only really like one of them.

photo by Alysium Photo